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in Kempton Park, Johannesburg

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Kempton Park, Johannesburg

I am a registered psychologist working from my practice in Vanderbijlpark servicing Vanderbijlpark, Vaalpark, Sasolburg and surrounding areas

I work with individuals and/or couples  in order to help them design and create the lives they prefer. And to help them overcome the stuck states that prevent them from creating a better life.

My qualifications:

BA Hons Psychology (UP)

M Psych (UP)

Diploma in NLP

Level II Hypnotherapist
Diploma in Marriage Counseling

I am registered with:

Health Professions Council of South Africa, and
Board of Health Care Funders

Practice No: 8621888


Experience and special interests:

I have 25 years of clinical experience - both in private practice and in psychiatric hospitals. During this time I gained extensive experience in helping people with:

When working with you I use general principles and methods of psychotherapy. I also use specialized techniques e.g.

My aim is to render an effective primary psychological service to people in need of therapy, personal coaching or skills in the management of their lives.

Looking for help? Well…

Everybody sometimes needs someone to help them deal with the curve balls that life throws their way. And that is what psychotherapy is all about. It is about you and your life! And about someone that can help you negotiate...

But psychotherapy is about more than that. It is also about helping you...

The role of the psychotherapist is to create the environment  that will help you work with any or all of these areas in your life. He/she does that by

Why you should see a therapist…

There are many good reasons why you may choose to see a therapist. The following reasons may be included in yours:

  1. Being in a safe environment where you can share your own personal stories, even though it may be embarrassing, knowing that it will be kept in total confidence.
  2. Sharing the feeling that something is wrong with you and that you cannot seem to understand what it is. Therapists are trained to approach your concerns in a caring and sensitive manner and to identify any possible serious conditions. Therapy is for people who realise that they may need help and is willing to act on that thought.
  3. The need to meet with someone who will approach your personal pain and fear of the future in a professional, therapeutic and caring manner.

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Payment options:

Medical aid schemes


Your Psychologist

Psychologists uses different styles of psychological therapy. A psychologist will have training in the general field of psychology as well a specialized training in certain theories of counseling or therapy.

A Psychologist…

will usually disclose his/her preferred style of therapy making it easier for you to decide whether you will be comfortable with the style your psychologist uses. And therefore making it easier to choose the psychologist you want to work with. If uncertain, ask your psychologist what his/her preferred style of therapy or counseling is.

Johan Taljaard

Individual Counseling



Individual counseling is geared towards helping you with your personal struggles. One on one. In an atmosphere of freedom and confidentiality.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Couples counselling is all about understanding the dynamics in your personal relationships. Especially with loved ones. And then finding ways to improve these relationships.

To read more about couples and marriage therapy, please click te link below:

Couples Therapy

CoupleS Counseling